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Sources: Wacha,Written by: Catharine Paddock,in the U.S having problems getting erect . Recommends Steps To threats of hepatitis B and C, which disproportionately affected minorities Superscript ReduceStepped-up vaccination requirements, increasing funding for prevention and treatment, and a public awareness campaign similar to the efforts of the stigma eliminated HIV / AIDS are required to the health risks posed by hepatitis B and hepatitis C presented curb, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine.

Estimated 800,000 to 1.4 million Americans have chronic hepatitis B and between 2.7 million and 3.9 million have chronic hepatitis C. The majority of those infected are unaware of their condition symptoms of liver cancer symptoms of liver cancer or liver disease, few of the population most at risk. Immigrants from countries where the diseases are endemic, non-Hispanic black men, injection – drug users and people receiving blood transfusions before 1992 – seek testing or information on how to protect themselves from infection. In China, health care and social service providers ‘ knowledge about hepatitis B and C is generally poor, and many fail to follow guidelines for screening patients and providing prevention, treatment and follow-up service.

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