Spine and trauma patients.

Sacred Heart Hospital employs a calculated, yet aggressive, approach to identifying strategies and methods to blend the latest technology with its strong custom to uphold quality care. ‘The Smart OR provides unmatched health care value,’ Ronstrom adds. ‘Our individuals benefit significantly from the neurosurgical knowledge found in our Smart OR and with our nationally renowned neurosurgical group.’ To find out more about the Smart OR, please go to the Smart OR microsite:.. A new state-of-the-art method of brain and spine surgery A medical revolution emerges when technology blends with smart care. Sacred Heart Medical center makes this connection with its new Wise OR – a specific neurosurgical suite offering state-of-the-art treatment for neurosurgery, spine and trauma patients.Humana, who raised its PDP premiums by 60 and 63 %, lost 31 % of its PDP enrollment relative to mid-2008 levels. ‘Financial forces are reshaping Medicare,’ said Washington. ‘Many beneficiaries appeared to vote with their feet by moving to medication programs with cheaper premiums, as there was a solid correlation between premiums and program selection. The government was also protected by automated switching of many low-income beneficiaries to the less expensive plans.