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It only addresses covered entities, such as hospitals and insurance firms. HIPAA has so many medical privacy loopholes, it creates Swiss cheese look solid. Lines of 300 to 400 lobbyists outside of congressional hearings tell the real story about the many interests opposing personal privacy protections. Microsoft’s Wellness Vault offers an improved standard for affected person control. If Microsoft can do it, why can’t the others? We have to harness the advantages of technology – improving individual outcomes and decreasing costs – without creating a second market we regret.The researchers explain that the number of incidents that took place during the research period was probably greater than recorded for a number of reasons. Only serious verbal aggression was recorded and staff may not have had enough time to record incidents that happened during shift changes or if they had been about to set off duty explains Foster. It is also possible that a amount of incidents between patients weren’t noticed by staff. So these incidents should be viewed as minimum figures. The research team also looked at what triggered the aggressive outbursts. They found that the most frequent cause was a patient being denied something – for instance being refused permission to leave the ward accounted for under a third of incidents.