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Williams. ‘Our concentrate is on assisting our members get the care they want, knowing that they could not have the ability to use their normal pharmacies, physicians and hospitals because of evacuations.’ Aetna users in areas affected by the flooding may refill their prescriptions early, if needed, and the ones who use Aetna’s mail-purchase pharmacy can receive a prescription at an alternate delivery location or refill a prescription that may have been lost, damaged or destroyed by the floods. Aetna Behavioral Health is offering its Employee Assistance Plan resources to all Aetna plan sponsors, of whether or not they are Aetna EAP customers regardless, during this right time of need.Pumpkins are another traditional feature of autumn, but there’s much more to them than Halloween lanterns. Pumpkins certainly are a very rich source of beta carotene, which can be turned into vitamin A inside our bodies. Plus they also contain calcium, iron, vitamin and folates C. Hawthorns, millions of them with fruits or ‘haws’ resembling small apples, vary in proportions and in color from scarlet to dull reddish colored or yellow. The hard seeds are surrounded by pulpy flesh that is dry and tasteless in most species. Kiwi contains plenty of antioxidants and phytonutrients that are protective of DNA. In addition they help control blood sugars, protect the heart and colon, combat asthma and macular degeneration, and will lower your threat of blood clots. The more vegetables and fruit you eat, the healthier you will be, because you will get a wider selection of nutrients that will help keep you healthy.

3D models prove useful in neurosurgical planning 3D models, produced by merging a patient’s CT scans and 3D printing technology are proving useful in neurosurgical preparation.