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The new study, conducted at the Public Health Agency of Canada, National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, used the 1918 flu virus , which was reconstructed obtained by researchers using genes from the tissues of victims of the great pandemic in a reverse genetics process, enables scientists, fully functional virus traitement naturel de dysfonction érectile . ‘In 1918, the existence of viruses had recognized recognized in fact, the influenza virus was identified only in 1933, thanks to recent technological advancements, we are now able this virus this virus and how it is done around the world’, explains Darwyn Kobasa, scientist with the Public Health Agency of Canada and lead author of the new study. ‘This research is an important piece in the puzzle of the 1918 virus, helping us better understand influenza viruses and lead its potential pandemics. ‘.

RocheRoche with regulatory authorities with regulators in Europe to include an extension of the current Tamiflu royalties for smaller capsules 30 mg and 45 mg in addition to the 75 – mg capsule already registered. These lower doses were designed primarily for use in children for seasonal and pandemic flu, as an alternative to the suspension formulation. Tamiflu small capsules would also be useful for the elderly or other adults swallowing the swallowing the 75 – mg capsule. Roche an accelerated review an accelerated review and is optimistic that the EMEA will evaluation evaluation by mid-year.

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