The scientists say the theobromine suppresses vagus nerve activity.

The scientists say the theobromine suppresses vagus nerve activity. Vagus nerve activity is responsible for ensuring that you cough.Another benefit of theobromine was that it had no side effects. Many cough medicines cause drowsiness.

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It is the third leading causes of death in the United States. A stroke occurs when one blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to brain will be by a clot the by a clot and bursts.

The costs of life with of SCI can be significant and may vary considerably due to the severity of the injury. Long-term complications of of SCI is neurologic impairments in each bodies that have control of the affected nerves. Average annual medical cost for an SCI patient is $ 15 World Health Organization 000 per year and to annual direct and indirect expenses of the SCI in $ 9.7 billion in the U.S.