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AMI has also: – opened its first two British clinics in Central London and in Twickenham, – entered into agreements with 22 fully licensed UK doctors and 10 nurses UK waiting his prospective patient, and – entered into a contracting arrangement with a fully UK licensed compounding pharmacy, to fill scripts for AVMD UK customers. ‘We are very pleased to expand our operations in the United Kingdom and we believe that present the cultural and linguistic similarities between the UK and Australia significant growth opportunities for AMI,’said Dr.The new knowledge, published online this week and in the 10th Can Feb. 2009 print version of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , suggests that counter miRNAs silenced and attack that state mechanism of an effective therapeutic strategy for his metastatic melanoma according to Eva Hernando, Assistant Professor in at the Department of Pathology at NYU School of Medicine and lead author study. Hernando is well as a member of the NYU Cancer Institute NYU Langone Medical Center.

Hernando.. This study suggests that miRNA 182 on an innovative therapeutic aim. When is is locked, it impairs the invasive potential of melanoma cells and death. In theory, the administration of anti -miRNA one hundred and eighty-two blocking the growth or the expansion of said primary melanoma tumor. Several academic laboratories and pharmaceutical companies working to enhance in order to increase the delivery of anti – miRNAs by a chemical modification and nano – particles of, their stability, specificity, and that capacity to deliver tumors in sufficient doses with low toxicity.

182 MiRNAs also increasingly in a cluster on a genomic region, chromosome 7q the is common in melanoma and located over two other Oncogenic, BRAF and C MET.