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to things you see at a glance that you might miss in another, Craig Barnes, Head of Radiology told at Wake Forest Baptist Brenner Children’s Hospital. It costs no more than referring to time or radiation exposure scan, and we believe it. Added value in diagnosing CT scans using X – rays, radiation detectors and computers to take pictures or slices through the body produce. In most cases, the images are in the axial plane – a view looking down through the body. But new faster multidetector CT scanners that can capture eight or more slices at once opened the door to alternative views. With proper processing, prospective study different views of similar quality to the original axial images.

In the last two years, Wake Forest Baptist has used all three views on abdominal and chest CT scans of pediatric patients. For their prospective study, they reviewed 44 chest CT scans and 40 abdominal CT scans and compared reading and accuracy of the views.Cervical cancer second most common cancer ,, to about 500 000 new cases 300 000 deaths each year, on 85 percent the created of developing countries Almost all the these cancers through cancer-causing HPV and. Because it is possible to is of stopping the cycle of infection and thus the illness. Are preventable vaccination against HPV showing commitment for generations in Britain in the UK, especially in young school-age girls However, the current vaccine some major limitations because it highly effectively. Towards just two HPV type that about 75 percent of cases of cervical cancer.

A new HPV – DNA test for cervical screening in developing countries.:. An cross-sectional study of clinical accuracy in rural of China You – lin Qiao, John west Sellors, Paul southeast Eder, Yan – average ping Bao, Jeannette M Lim, Fang – Hui Zhao, Bernard Weigl, Wen-hua Zhang, Roger W Peck Ling Li, Feng Chen, Qing Essence Pan, Attila T Lorincz The Lancet Oncology – Issue 10.