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5 new (and harmless) ways to lose weight!

Scientists offer the latest developments in the field of weight loss.
For each spring-summer season, mankind is inventing new ways to combat excess weight. Time Out offers the latest developments in the field of weight loss. Prostaglandins of the group E (E1 and E2) such as Cialis act on specific receptors in the spongy substance of the cavernous bodies. Tadalafil activate adenylate cyclase, and thus contribute to the accumulation of cAMP, relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies and their blood filling. (more…)

Pregnancy and problems during it.

Why are there problems with the appetite of a future mother and how accurately does this sign indicate the onset of conception? Such phenomena are really not uncommon for the first weeks of pregnancy. Most often, problems with appetite arise in the morning. Sometimes it’s not even a drop, but a complete loss. This happens if a worsening of appetite is accompanied by nausea and even vomiting. As a result, many women in the early stages of pregnancy from the menu automatically disappear breakfast. A systematic rejection of them, in turn, can lead to weight loss – another probable sign of pregnancy. If you want to have more often sexual intercourses, you need to know about viagra generic , which kelps men to cope with any problems about male ED.  (more…)


In obstetrics it is common to divide the signs of pregnancy into objective and subjective. Objective are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman diagnosed by a doctor. These “medical” signs include data from laboratory studies, gynecological examination and, of course, the results of ultrasound. And the subjective signs of pregnancy are special changes in the state of health that a pregnant woman herself can pay attention to. These “non-medical” signs usually become for the future parents the first joyful news of the coming pregnancy. And, alas, it is to their account that future parents are most often mistaken; especially when they try to identify reliable signs of the pregnancy that has occurred in the first days, giving out wishful thinking. During the attempts to get pregnant – you should have often sexual intercourses. If you need to increase male libido, try Adcirca for ED . The best treatment for male erectile dysfunction nowadays. (more…)