Tumor metastases.

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The study, published by Vicki Fung, and colleagues from Kaiser Permanente and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, online in the journal Health Services Research.In 2006 expanded the Medicare Part D prescription drug program benefits to millions of beneficiaries. Part D prescription drug coverage included for 2006 up to $ 2,250 in total drug costs – what the patient and plan had both paid after the period the beneficiary donut hole, where Medicare pays nothing registered for drug costs, until the beneficiary reaches $ 3,600 in total annual out-of-pocket drug costs. The[ donut hole] is to encourage patients to use drugs more sensible and save money, Fung said.‘tumor metastases, propagation of cancer cells from an original website in another place in the body is nearly always fatal message for patients with cancer, while a patient having a tumor that no develop to be metastases have more a good lifespan after removal of of the original tumor, ‘said Jiang. ‘Developing The early detection and treating these patients with a high potential for metastases is critical for survival of cancer patients,’he adds.

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