Typically this has been treated by performing an open repair surgery.

Carotid disease is marked by localized stenosis of the carotid artery on either side of the neck that supplies blood to the brain. Typically this has been treated by performing an open repair surgery . Endovascular procedures treated patients with a risk of complications such as carotid artery surgery before , neurological conditions , or are due to the action of radiation on the neck.

‘We are still not sure about how these changes relate people with cardiovascular disease, but this reduced morning function of the endothelium can under triggers that could lead one event. We will continue to explore the underlying mechanisms, Somers concludes.Blackburn shares the prize having Carol W. Greider from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Jack W. Szostak of the Harvard Medical School.

The scientists found an enzyme that plays an important role in the normal cellular functions as well as in cell aging , and most cancers. The enzyme is produced called telomerase , and it produces tiny units of DNA, sealing the very ends of chromosomes that include the endogenous genes. These DNA units – mentioned telomere – of protecting the integrity the genes and maintain chromosome stability and detailed proliferation. They shall identify those number of times of a cell divides – and hence determine the life of cells of. Is the fourth UCSF researchers to obtain a Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine.