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Medistem currently working with several academic staff to regenerative and immunomodulatory therapy with populations of cells from adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood to develop and as recently published menstrual blood. ‘autoimmune diseases affect approximately 5-8 % of the American population, to the third leading cause of illness behind cancer and heart disease, we are confident that our knowledge and intellectual property can position in this field Medistem allow undertaken a a much more relevant unmet need, ‘concluded Chris McGuinn, COO of Medistem. Danmark pharmacy

Resources Files Patent Application on Therapeutic Cell population found in the adipose tissue Medistem Laboratories has filed a patent application on recent findings documenting the existence of high concentrations of therapeutic anti-inflammatory cells, called regulatory T cells in, fatty tissue. The results obtained by Medistem collaborator Dr. Hao Wang at the Lawson Health Research Institute confirmed Canada, supports the possibility that the therapeutic observed previously observed previously by other groups using fat stem cells are not strictly due to the stem cells in the adipose tissue may be but. On regulatory T cell population The patent application includes not only methods of using fat tissue suppression inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, as well as methods of expansion and the increasing activity of these therapeutic cells, said Neil Riordan PhD, President and CEO of Medistem. He continued: The current results support the development of therapeutics, the diseases, the body’s natural resources non-specificpressing the need for toxic non-specific immunosuppressants and steroids. If treatments can be developed based on these findings, patients could to regulatory T cells found abandoned in their own fat instead of non-specific drugs. .

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