Under normal conditions to generate the corresponding levels of body fats and cholesterol.

Under normal conditions to generate the corresponding levels of body fats and cholesterol, both of which are vital A high fat diet can cause abnormal elevations of fat and. Blood cholesterol levels cardiovascular cardiovascular disease, type – 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other serious illnesses. When the body of food for a short time is withdrawn, it shuts the production and storage of fat and cholesterol and shifts. To use stored fat as its primary energy source fasting is also known to turn off the activity of SREBP proteins, and examines the research team, whether direct suppression of SREBPs by SIRT1 is responsible for the metabolism shift was.

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Sirtuins were associated associated with increased longevity in response to reduced calorie intake in some species of animals. Drugs sirtuin sirtuin activity are currently used to treat diabetes and related diseases examined. Sirtuin activators may SIRT1 functions that can be suppressed in individuals with cardiovascular disease to strengthen, said Anders N r, of the MGH Center for Cancer Research, senior author of the current study? Our results suggest that these agents may be able to trick the body in response, as though it experienced fasting, with beneficial metabolic consequences, but this hypothesis in future studies.##co-authors are Sherrine sworn, MPH, Allison parks, BA; Bree Edris, and James F.statements are and conclusions of authors of this study that will be presented at American Heart Association research are those of the are solely those of of authors of studies and do not necessarily reflect association policy and heading. The American Heart Association accepts no responsibility and guarantee its accuracy or reliability.

– We are interested in see whether the prevalence of the peripheral arterial disease is growing in the general U.S. Population especially with people who not coronary heart disease well known known, said Andrew D. Lead author of studies and a cardiologist and medical Director at the cardiac ward and Cardiac Prevention at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.. Dtudy Finds Discrete asymptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease Prevalence Is RisingThe prevalence those asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease is constantly among U.S. Adults, investigators reported at which Scientific Sessions American Heart Association for the year 2007. PAD happens when fat deposits accumulated in the inner linings the artery walls, restricting blood flow and oxygen required the legs, feet, arms and other fields of the body.