Vittorio Martinelli.

Dr. Vittorio Martinelli, a neurologist from San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy, and his team examined the medical records of 107 patients who were diagnosed with CIS. The researchers found that 21 percent of the study participants developed MS within 1 year percent of the disease percent of the disease within two years, and 44 percent developed in about five years. Low vitamin D levels increase the risk of developing MS, the researchers say.

In addition Risk reduction if vitamin D is higherVitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is crucial for the health and obtained from food obtained from food, sunlight or supplements. In addition, individuals are vitamin vitamin D levels are less likely multiple sclerosis .Notes: The in which in the journal Cancer The members project team of UNC Lineberger and are D. Neil Hayes, researchers MD Anderson are corresponding author Ralf Krahe, Ignacio Wistuba, Guosheng Yin, Keith Baggerly, Charmaine Wilson. Lisa Bachinski PhD, Jennifer Churchill, Wenli Dong, Menghong Sat, PhD and Baili Zhang.

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