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Said Drcine. D Fund invests in Breast Cancer Detection Startup companiesOne of the latest Indiana University life science ventures, CS – Keys, was awarded $ 285,000 from the Indiana Seed Fund.The company’s focus is on the early detection of breast cancer by a new diagnostic tool in the laboratory by Linda Malka, who developed Vera Bradley Professor of Oncology and professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

CS’.. CS – Keys ‘ biomarker distinguishes healthy cells from cancer cells and can detect the diseased cells when there are only a few available, the diagnostic Tool is cancer in its cancer in its earlier states and have a positive impact on the treatment of breast cancer and to reduce the mortality from this disease. – easier to use the technology than current methods, provides greater accuracy and might be cheaper than other technologies available today, said Dr.Similar contrast relations may be found other parts of of the face, particularly of lips, but these relations not as consistent. The relationships appear to around the eyes to be particularly important, he adds.

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Notes:Others authors of the paper have Sharon Gilad Weizmann Institute of Science and Israel and TO postdoctoral researcher Ming Meng, both of which have who contributed equally to job..