5 new (and harmless) ways to lose weight!

Scientists offer the latest developments in the field of weight loss.
For each spring-summer season, mankind is inventing new ways to combat excess weight. Time Out offers the latest developments in the field of weight loss. Prostaglandins of the group E (E1 and E2) such as Cialis act on specific receptors in the spongy substance of the cavernous bodies. Tadalafil activate adenylate cyclase, and thus contribute to the accumulation of cAMP, relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies and their blood filling.

Diet named “5 pieces”

Americans have found a new guru. A graduate of the University of California, Dr. Alvin Lewis published a book called “Why do you need extra weight?”, Which recommends a “revolutionary” way to lose weight “5 pieces.” According to him, you can drink at any amount for breakfast, lunch and supper, without any calories, and eat any food, but only five pieces of the same bite size. To this, you need to add a single multivitamin tablet and a glass of protein cocktail per day. Dr. Lewis says that after three days on this diet you will forget about the feeling of hunger, and in a week you will lose 6 kg.


  • – the visibility of varied food is preserved
  • – there is no need to count calories
  • – time for lunch and dinner is saved


  • – the size of the pieces depends on the size of the mouth (some manage for three bites to eat a double hamburger) – not the fact that you will only eat healthy foods
  • – chewing large chunks does not improve digestion, and dine with a man who, instead of maintaining a conversation, thinks the pieces are unpleasant

Air diet

French women are crazy about the “air diet”, which is described in the latest issue of the magazine “Grazia”. The essence of the diet is simple, but truly cruel: you can impose any food on a plate, prick it on a fork or scoop up with a spoon, bring it to your mouth, inhale the fragrance, even send it to your mouth … but do not eat it! An exception is made only for the water-salt soup, which consists – correctly – only of salt and water. Soup – the only food that can be consumed in any quantity – it has a bunch of useful minerals, it perfectly quenches thirst, and eating a saucepan of this soup every evening, you will quickly lose weight in several sizes.


  1. – ringing lightness in the body and head
  2. – cleansing the body of toxins and other harmful excesses
  3. – a powerful training of willpower
  4. – significant savings in money


  • – a constant feeling of hunger
  • – development of masochistic inclinations
  • – the feeling that you have poured into the stomach a whole aquarium with sea water

Fork Diet:

Another French invention. The point is that there are only those products that can be easily pinned on the fork. Excludes everything that is eaten with a knife, a spoon and just hands: no soups, sandwiches, veal steaks and chicken legs! In the hard version of the diet, you can not use other appliances when cooking. In this case, all “fork” restrictions apply only to the evening meal, that is, during the day you can eat anything – of course, within reason. What’s strange is to lose weight so thin.


  • – “fork diet” develops a sense of proportion
  • – suitable for those who do not like cooking
  • – encourages the use of vegetables


  • – The diet imposes restrictions on many useful products
  • – three NOT: uncomfortable, impractical and frivolous

Playing for Money

You can try a bunch of different diets, but if you do not stick to them systematically, all efforts will be in vain. In the US and the UK, a weight control program based on the stick and carrot method is gaining popularity: if the losing weight reaches significant results, then it receives a reward, and if not, pays himself. That is, you make a certain initial contribution (about 200 dollars) and start to lose weight by any method convenient for you. I dropped a couple of kilograms – I got a bonus, I did not fold or I got too much – pay a fine. Until now, this program has not reached us, but as an analogue we can offer to conclude with somebody a bet. But only in fairness!


  1. – money is a serious motivation, especially since the crisis has not yet ended
  2. – two in one: and lose weight, and earn


  • – for a full-fledged result it is necessary to go to England or America
  • – if you give yourself indulgences, you can seriously burn out

Shake the body

It is known that to sit on a diet without playing sports is stupid – the place of fat should be occupied by muscles. For those who are too lazy to run in the mornings or spend long hours in fitness clubs, they come up with a special Power Plate simulator – a platform that vibrates in three directions, due to which the effectiveness of exercises increases many times. 15 minutes on the Power Plate on the degree of impact on the body are equal to the hour of training in the traditional gym. More details about the miracle platform can be found in our article.


  • – doing just an hour a week, you can lose 5 kilograms per month
  • – the simulator is very popular among the stars of show business and sports