We have reviewed the progress of the study.

Genetic counseling is offered to all customers at no additional cost ‘.. Navigenics provides access to board-certified genetic counselors for all its customers and physicians to ensure adequate support. In this study, participants reported a 10 % utilization of genetic counselors Navigenics ‘ during the registration period in 2008. – ‘We have reviewed the progress of the study, followed closely and made significant changes to our processes in response to the counseling prices we saw,’said Elissa Levin, Vice President of Genomic Services at Navigenics. ‘Most people are not familiar with what is a genetic counselor or how we can help with them to understand ‘nal genetic data. Just wait for them to request, a consultation was not effective.

Dr. Vanier said, that Navigenics looks forward to more insights from SGHI study how this research offers valuable insights that. Continues to shape the growing field of personal genomics ‘As with any new technology there is always an adoption curve, and these results provide insight into how personal genetic information as more people need to be used to access the information,’said Dr. ‘What’s exciting about the research today is that the results validate the premise upon which we were founded – armed with information that is clinically actionable, people will make changes and this is best done when they are supported by a doctor. ‘. Source: Navigenics.

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