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Among the small number of methods administering LDN in the united kingdom, Dr Gilhooly and his fellow GPs at The Essential Wellness Clinic are hoping to improve the profile of LDN. Dr Gilhooly comments LDN treatment can certainly help a better quality of life for both long-term sufferers and those newly diagnosed. I hope the conference can lead to many more patients becoming aware that this could be a treatment for them. Dr Jarred Younger of Stanford University will present a few of his exciting results on the usage of LDN in Fibromyalgia and can highlight several patient testimonies on the subject. The conference can look at the relationship between LDN and CCSVI also, the new vascular disorder causing very much excitement in the wonderful world of MS.In addition, most studies have shown that melatonin not only helps a complete large amount of people to fall asleep, but it enhances their quality of sleep as well also. People who have difficulty sleeping have lower levels of melatonin in their bloodstream typically, so melatonin is known as your number one choice in the current natural sleep products to help with your insomnia. Chamomile Tea People have been drinking chamomile tea to greatly help them sleep for thousands of years. One study in Japan found that chamomile extract helped rats drift off as quickly as the ones that were given a dose of the tranquilizing medicine, benzodiazepine.