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We also represent the patient perspective by demonstrating for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence report, on the steering committee of the NHS Coalition for Cancer Information and a founding member of of the Lymphoma Coalition – an international group of lymphoma patient support organizations.

As Melanie Burfitt, Chief Executive of the Lymphoma Association explains: Nearly 11,000 people are diagnosed with lymphoma each year, though many people have not even heard of it until it affects rapid diagnosis is the key to successful treatment We. Anyone whoever initial symptoms that do not go GP GP as a to promote to promote. .

Recent research was supported by the lymphoma Association lymphoma Mark awareness Week carried out. This patient-based study confirms the effectiveness of the organization think that the awareness of the symptoms of lymphoma are low, which means that people discouraged that these symptoms can a visit to their doctor. Indeed, the 1159 people surveyed, 7 percent had their symptoms put a virus, 19 of them were run down and simply due 19.5 percent thought their symptoms of Menopause.5 percent, it can or cancer have other serious health condition..We are very frustrated and disappointed that performance the autism service not measured in this report.

With Having fast two thirds of adults. Autistic for us how they can not sufficient support to satisfy their needs we are aware that of thousands have simple do not able enjoy the same rights, freedoms and quality of life, like can enjoy of the rest of society.

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