With the help of magnetic fields to concentrate the treatment had a lasting effect.

In addition, with the help of magnetic fields to concentrate the treatment had a lasting effect. Fourteen days after the using of the magnetic field and a single dose of magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated paclitaxel, the researchers found the rat arteries had significantly lower restenosis than in arteries from control rats magnetic treatment magnetic treatment found.

These stents are often coated with anti-proliferative agents such as paclitaxel. Paclitaxel inhibits the accumulation of smooth muscle cells within the stent an obstacle. An obstacle.

In children, stents are used to mechanically enlarge anatomic structures create for diseases such as peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis, the heart defect and atrial septal defect, coarctation of interventional techniques to provide oxygenated blood. Levy suggests the magnetically guided nanoparticles might drugs that results results in each of these settings, as well as provide a number of different stent interventions in pediatric cardiology..The process and methods guides will to Medical Technologies Advisory Committee , which identifies and selects innovative medical technologies and passes them via the corresponding NICE guidance programs. MTAC will also develop their own medical technology guiding, to leadership on new the form NICE. Said guides to be also be useful to explained how analyzes will working , and are. Of interest for producer, health professionals and organization , patient groups of involved involved in the consultation process are interested valuable contributions to valuable contributions to the developing of draft guided tours.

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