S3 in the Supplementary Appendix). LIPE mRNA amounts were low in tissue samples from participants with the DD genotype than in cells samples from people that have the II genotype; participants with the ID genotype and those with the II genotype acquired equivalent LIPE mRNA levels . Western blot evaluation of white-adipose-tissue extracts showed no detectable HSL protein in participants with the DD genotype and approximately a 50 percent reduction in HSL proteins in individuals with the ID genotype, as compared with participants who acquired the II genotype . In vitro overexpression of nonmutated and mutated LIPE showed no significant difference in mRNA expression but markedly decreased mutant protein amounts , findings that are in keeping with the observed insufficient in vivo proteins expression and that suggest decreased translation or instability of the mutant HSL proteins.European Clinical Trial For the European single-group clinical trial, 65 sufferers who presented for ICD implantation satisfied the enrollment criteria. Eight individuals declined to take part in the study, and in two instances, the patient’s physician opted for implantation of a transvenous ICD. Thus, 55 individuals were signed up for the trial, and all received a subcutaneous ICD. Defibrillation testing had not been possible in two patients due to intraoperative hemodynamic instability in one patient and failure to induce ventricular fibrillation in the other. Therefore, 53 patients had been evaluated for sensing and defibrillation during implantation.